Salome Ayugi (me) the goof ball being judged by one of my closest friends, Charles

It is only right to baptize the first blog post as ‘first post’ right? I am new to personal blogging so please do not judge.

Thanks for visiting the blog and being a good sport by taking 2 minutes out of your life to read what I have to say. Karibu sana. This blog will basically entail my opinions on all things that roam or happen in the earth, personal experiences, lessons from other people’s experiences and my ambitions and all. I started writing a journal this year but stopped after two months in February because I always felt too busy and nobody held me accountable. By putting up a blog online, I feel I will be more inclined to write and express myself better and share experiences with others going through the same things as I am.

Cheers to more blog posts! *insert clinking wine glasses sound here*

31 thoughts on “FIRST POST

  1. Screammmssss*!!! Let me just get out my bottle of wine coz I’m just about to drink a big yes to this!!
    Super proud and can’t wait to read more and more…



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