Goodbye oblivion, hello taxes.

This is a special dedication to anybody wondering how time flew by so fast, is under a whole lot of pressure and just downright confused about growing up.


Oh adulthood. I can honestly say I was not ready for this. Looking back at my younger days (I know I make myself sound 85)…but in my younger days, life was way much easier. Is anybody ever ready to grow up? One minute you are crying because somebody lost your favourite pencil and the next you are crying because you just looked at your bank account balance.

I got to pay my taxes for the first time ever this month and I did not expect the government to be taking such a huge chunk. I now understand why it is so painful to see the government provide its citizens with terrible services yet they spend your taxes, cut from your hard-earned money, to finance their lavish spending habits. Can we lead a serious protest as the youth to call for revolutionary change please?

If you know the number of who I can call to quit adulthood, please just write it in the comment section

I personally think that a course or counselling sessions should be offered in the fourth year of university to prepare the youth for the simple fact that the world does not owe them anything at all. This will act as a shock absorber to prevent a crude reality check. I now have to deal with taxes, budgeting, paying back my student loan (this hurts me the most), contributing to household expenses and paying tithe. All this in the midst of seeing my friends’ lavish social media posts about random vacations, fancy lunches and extravagant nights out. I will be honest to myself and act my wage. You should too. ACT YOUR WAGE! It will save you a lot of money that can be put to good use.

I have learnt the hard way that my spendthrift tendencies need to stop, I will not buy myself a Mercedes in the next year and that I took living with my parents for granted. Kindly let me know if you have any good personal financial management classes in mind that I can do. This melaninaire needs to learn how to become a multi-millionaire


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