Single pringle


I honestly had no idea what a blessing being single for a long time would be. In all honesty, I was quite naive after getting out of my previous relationship and attempting to hop back into the dating scene. I hope that the mistakes and advice I will share in this post can help a young lady out there wondering how to navigate the single pringle life. P.S – I am not Dr. Love

1. If he wants you, you’ll know
Goodness. How I wish somebody told me this over and over again earlier. I have waited on guys who say they are ‘not ready to date yet but really like me’, constantly ‘triple texted’ guys and not gotten a response and even made excuses for guys.

Sally (texts Exhibit A): Hey! How was your day? Hoping it was fairly good?

Exhibit A: ………

Sally: By the way, I forgot to tell you about this funny video I saw. Haha. You won’t stop laughing. (ignorantly sends video)

Exhibit A: ……. *insert cricket sound here*

Sally: I guess you are busy, I am off to bed now so have a lovely night!


I kept making excuses for messages ignored and thinking about it makes me shudder. “He must be busy”, “He must be too tired from work”, “He is probably out of the country in a place without network connection, wi fi and civilization” Ladies… never ever make excuses for a man, EVER

2. Stop trying to decipher him with your girls
I think the inventor of the phone screenshot feature must have been a female over-thinker. I would sometimes take screenshots and send to a good girlfriend or two when I felt stuck about what to say to a guy. This had disastrous results. Every individual is different and so is their response to different life or flirtationship texting situations. It got to a point where I regretted not taking the chance to do things my own way and make my own mistakes

3. Shine bright like a diamond

It is common nature for people to hide what they assume their flaws are from a potential partner in the early stages of courtship. If you’re loud, you’ll become a church mouse in the first few weeks. You will laugh at potential bae’s jokes regardless of how terrible they may be. You may even pretend to like what they like just to get in their good books. DO NOT BOTHER. The true colours will always shine through and the earlier, the better in my opinion. There is no need for two decent humans to waste each other’s time because they are too insecure to show who they truly are. If you do not like my brutal honestly, weird sense of humour, love for sleep and roasted maize and unique taste in music then please move to the back of the line. The faster you leave me alone, the sooner I will find somebody who actually likes me for me 🙂

4. Be patient

Your future significant other is probably out there in the universe trying to figure themselves out before they bump into you when you’re ready as well (hey Alfred Enoch, I await your goodness) A watched pot never boils. So instead of treating every new person you meet as your potential boyfriend/girlfriend, use that energy to make yourself a better person, travel more, learn more and enjoy your own company. Build yourself until you realize that you do not need to be in a relationship to be happy. Cheers to single pringles!!


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