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The Distant Relatives Experience (Day one)

Soaking up Kilifi sunshine

Have you ever felt like you are showering in the Amazon forest? Have you at least brushed your teeth in your cottage bathroom as a monkey stares at you? Still no? Well, have you at least had a baby hedgehog look at you as you sip on ‘dawas’ beside the pool? Still a no? Then what have you experienced? Head on over to Distant Relatives in Kilifi!

The last time I was in Kilifi was for the New Year Festival held last year at Distant Relatives but I was camping and had not experienced the other side of staying at the ecolodge. I gladly accepted their invite to stay at their new bandas and I was blown away.

The Tangawizi cottage

My friend and I stayed in the ‘Tangawizi’ cottage which can accommodate four people as it has a double bed and bunk bed. The beds are so comfortable. The place I fell in love with the most was the cottage bathroom!

The bathroom outside

The bathroom literally had a verandah. A verandah guys! That is not something you see everyday. The shower concept was also really unique because it was shaped like a tree and there was bush and thicket covering the shower. At one with nature in totality I tell you.

The oh so awesome shower.

The hotel menu was also quite amazing. We had the full brekkie for breakfast because  we were super hungry from our trip. It has eggs done to your liking (omelette, fried, poached or scrambled) bacon, grilled tomato, home made baked beans, lamb sausage, toast and farm butter. We were so full that we saw no need to eat lunch after freshening up. That is why we headed to the creek next to the hotel right away.

Such a hearty breakfast!

Distant Relatives’ is a few minutes walk from the beach. There are loads of activities you can do on the beach like going on boat rides, fishing or snorkeling. We were so tired so we just took a walk around




After walking on the beach, we decided to have a little fun and become little Tarzans of Kilifi. The lodge has so many swings around. There is no way you can pass the opportunity to swing!



After our Tarzan exercises, we got comfortable by the pool and watched beach volleyball right before pizza night.

View by the pool
Watching beach volleyball

Pizza night is every Friday at Distant Relative’s where you get a pizza for only 600 bob. The vibes there were so soothing. Locals from the area came with their kids, dogs and everyone was just having a great time. Sadly, pizza is not my best friend so I just had some steak and mashed potatoes instead.



All this happened only on our first day here. Can you imagine? I’ll share more about the lovely sunset we saw and more fun had in the second edition of my Kilifi trip.

You can read more on booking at Distant Relatives on their website here


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