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Nairobi Burger Festival 2017

The Nairobi Burger Festival is back this year and is soon ending as it started on 8th May and ends on 14th May (tomorrow guys!) My best friend and I went to try out the burgers at Urban Gourmet.

We went to the branch at Westgate first and the service was absolutely slow. The place was full and we were even lucky to get spaces. I was ignored by two waiters and one said he didn’t have his pen and went to get it (he never came back!) When we moved to an empty table after the couple seated there left, we were quickly asked to vacate as it was reserved. We were so tired by this point and just stood up to leave for the Garden City branch.

My bestie, Christine, at the Garden City Mall branch 🙂

The Garden City branch was such a breath of fresh air. We were served so well and got our food 5 minutes after ordering. 5 stars right there! We ordered the 100% prime beef burgers. They came with a side of fries, salad and we had the option of choosing two bottles of water or soda. This was a good deal for Ksh. 1200 (we saved Ksh. 740 in total. Cha ching!)

I wanted my burger plain but Christine added bacon and guacamole to her order (toppings incur extra charges despite the Burger Festival deal)

Our two orders side by side

The burgers were really juicy and the side fries were a considerable amount.

Prime beef burger with bacon and guacamole
Prime beef burger (plain)

The burgers made us really full. And they were juicy and delicious too! We topped it off with triple decker chocolate cake (I cheated on my sugar free diet but it was worth it)

The cake was amazing when I had the first few bites. I however struggled to finish it because I found it too sweet and creamy when I was half way in. I guess my body had gotten used to reduced sugar intake.

All in all, the Garden City branch of Urban Gourmet burgers saved the day after the terrible service at Westgate. Have you had good service at Westgate? If yes then let me know. I was probably just unlucky.

Make sure you grab your burger pass from Eat Out as #BurgerFest ends tomorrow!


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