Wonder Woman – Review


Can we all just get up and give DC Comics and most importantly Patty Jenkins (the director of Wonder Woman) a standing ovation already? DC Comics has broken my heart numerous times by doing unsatisfactory productions. Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad made me lose trust in the comic powerhouse. I honestly never thought a production could be as amazing as the Batman Trilogy (thank you Christopher Nolan) but things have changed. Heck, even the Rotten Tomatoes rating is off the charts!

Rotten Tomatoes score
92% on Rotten Tomatoes is no small fete!

There was a premiere event for ‘Wonder Woman’ yesterday held at Anga Imax sponsored by Crimson Multimedia.  It felt great to see that there are so many DC Comic lovers in the +254. The VIP ticket holders had welcome drinks, appetizing meals to eat to their fill, complimentary popcorn and also got to mingle with the numerous celebrities at the premiere. I had a lovely experience. Amazing gifts were on offer too: 4 bottles of Echo Falls Merlot by THE WINESHOP, Premium Ukrainian PRIME Vodka,a Saturn hair curler from the Czech Republic by Saturn LTD Kenya and Anga IMAX SKY Diamond open date Tickets. You can join in at the next premiere too and get goodies. Just stay updated by following their Facebook page for invites.
Now let us dig in to the movie!

The movie begins with a mysterious package from Bruce Wayne arriving at the office of Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince, who works in the Louvre’s antiquities department. It is from here that we are taken down memory lane to the origins of Wonder Woman. Having lived peacefully with her Amazon tribe on the hidden island of Themyscira for thousands of years, Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) is drawn into the murky conflict of World War I after an American spy called Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) enters her life.


Diana shows great interest in combat and battle from a young age but her mother is too reluctant to let her realize her true potential. Her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright), secretly trains her to prepare her for the day that many hope will never come, the return of Ares (the Greek God of War). After the American spy Steve reveals that there is a terrible war ongoing and the Germans are creating a lethal weapon able to kill thousands at a go, Diana feels inclined to save them. She goes despite her mother’s warnings as she feels like it is her duty.

The next section of the movie reveals the strategies that Diana, Steve and his ‘dream team’ use to defeat the war of wars. His dream team consists of a Scottish sharpshooter (Ewen Bremner); a Native American (Eugene Brave Rock); a Middle Eastern fixer (Said Taghmaoui) and Steve’s secretary (Lucy Davis).

Chris Pine, left, and Ewen Bremner in “Wonder Woman.” Credit Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures

The movie basically shows how Wonder Woman finds out about her true capacities, destiny and her journey in trying to defeat the God of war, Ares. She also has a great connection with Chris Pine. The sparks were evident!

Of course there is a twist revelation towards the end of the movie and cliché fight scenes. But who cares, the movie was such a big improvement from Suicide Squad!

P.S: Do not bother waiting for a post-credit scene or teaser after the movie ends. There wasn’t one. You’re welcome

You can watch it at ANGA IMAX in the CBD or Panari from today so get your tickets!


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