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Grub Donuts

Grub donuts blog cover

When I stumbled on an Instagram ad for donuts and landed on the Grub Donuts page, I knew I was about to make one of the best mistakes of my life. I am a recovering donut addict (as my blog description says) and I had told myself that I would cut sugar out of my diet. But how could I resist? Just look at them! And oh, they are alcohol infused too! 🍩🍺

Photo by Jacquie Mwai Cook

I ordered myself five of these sweet delicacies. Grub Donuts only do deliveries at the moment. Order times are from 7am – 3pm. The minimum order is 10 mini donuts (Ksh. 80 each) or 5 full-size ones (Ksh. 160 each)


I had no idea what flavors to get so I just asked them to mix it up. This is not the ordinary strawberry flavoured donut with sprinkles. I found their donut selections quite interesting. Options include: , salted caramel + crispy chocolate, salted caramel + choc chip peanut butter, salted caramel + chocolate biscuit and salted caramel + coconut

Salted Caramel + Crispy Chocolate donut
Salted Caramel + Choc chip Peanut butter donut
Salted Caramel + Chocolate Biscuit donut
Your orders await you 

I would not hesitate to recommend these alcohol infused treats to anybody with a sweet tooth! You can make an order by sending them a DM on their Instagram page. Grab a ‘Grub Donut’ today!

Additional photos courtesy of Grub Donuts (Instagram page) and Jacquie Mwai Cook


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