Happy birthday to me! 24 years on this earth and I still feel like I am so young yet have such little time to do all I want to in this lifetime. I am not a wise 68-year-old yet but there sure are some things I wish I had known sooner than later. In this post I will be writing some tips to my younger self, 24 of them…

Dear Sally,

Listen to what mum and dad tell you. Especially mummy. She knows that friend or guy is bad news because she has a know it all super power that only older people have (this will save you so much heartache)

Relax. Being a perfectionist will only make you more frustrated with people in the end.

Do not fear embracing who you are. The world would be boring if everybody had the same personality.

Love that skin girl! You may not believe it but your melanin will be something you soon grow to love.

Cry. Cry. Cry. It is better to release the emotions than keep them locked inside.

If you never try, you will keep saying ‘what if’ forever. There is nothing to lose.

People will hurt you and cause you immense pain but time heals all wounds. It’s not your fault. Trust me, you’ll heal.

Sing whenever you can.

Hydrate! Your skin will thank you for it.

Never give up yourself. You are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.

Calm down with all the anger within you. It ages the soul.

Cherish the fam girl! You will grow closer as you age. Enjoy being a daughter, sister and aunty.

Don’t change your sense of humor. So many silly sarcastic shows will make you stay in on the weekends!

Treat you body right. It’s the only one you’ve got.

Start that exercise! Diabetes is catching up.

Keep doing the most in all you do. Extra sauce every time lazimaaaa!!!

Appreciate your friends. They will pick you up when you are down and dirty (which will be a lot of times by the way)

You do not have to reconnect with every person you forgive. Some people come to your life for a reason or season.

Patience is a necessary virtue.

Stay close to God. He has done things for you that you can’t even comprehend.

Always have positive vibes. Happiness is contagious in a lot of cases.

Keep. Away. From. The. Donuts. They will cause you crazy weight gain in 2015.

Ask for help when you need it Miss Know It All. You are not superman.

Be careful about what you share. Don’t trust everybody!


This post was cathartic to me especially because it has been an emotionally hectic week so thanks for reading!

In other news, happy birthday to me!

Photography by : Sheila Mudimba

Make up by: Make Up Citty



14 thoughts on “24

  1. Salome, mpenzz,
    You are such a light and love to have in my life. Sometimes stuff happens that takes you away from the friends that matter, sometimes life happens that you wish didn’t and draws you away from each other . However regardless of all that the love still burns.
    I wish you nothiing but the best this new year and the many more to come.
    May you be blessed beyond comprehension..

    I love you to Pluto and back


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