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Kilifi New Year 2017/2018

Kilifi D

I really look forward to the end of the year because I always go to the Coast (like so many other Kenyans) After having such a blast at the Kilifi New Year 2016/17 festival the year before (read about that here), I had to do it again!

Unlike previous years, the festival was done away from Distant Relatives Eco-Lodge and Backpackers. It was done deep in the jungle. I didn’t camp on site this year and assumed the festival would be close to town but shock on me! It was around 15 minutes from the hotel I was staying at (which was right next to Kilifi town). Pikipiki/nduthi (motorbike) riders became our best friends. I was so scared during the ride to the forest because it was far, had thicket and part of the road was dark.

The festival area was absolutely pretty though. What can I say, they go all out on decor!

The music line ups were pretty amazing too.

This year had two stages, the Umojah stage and Funktion One stage. Can you imagine that Chronixx made an appearance!!!

As the festival was away from the creek this time round, the organisers creatively incorporated water into the activities and had slides and water swings too.

My favourite sets had to be by Suraj during the countdown to 2017 and Seth Schwarz right after we had the iconic customary ‘burn’

The burn this year was a huge bird. I made a big mistake going to the very front during the burn. It got so hot we all started sweating. The view made it worthwhile though.

It was definitely different staying at a hotel this year. Camping is obviously uncomfortable when it gets too hot and if you hate sharing showers. However, if you want the full festival experience, I’d advice you to camp on site so that you do not miss any sets.

While in Kilifi for the festival, there are loads of affordable things you can do when you just want to get away from the sound of music. I’ll be sharing that in my next post. Till then, watch what you missed out in this cool video by BWB! 🙂


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