​3 things to do while in Kilifi

I have been to Kilifi around three times in the past year and it has really started to grow on me! When I was there for the Kilifi NYE festival, I met people who were around for a short stay but had barely left the festival camping site!

If you ever go to Kilifi (which you really should by the way), here are a few suggestions of places you can visit.

1. Distant Relatives Ecolodge and Backpackers

I just cannot stress this enough! This place is the perfect place to chill for an afternoon, listen to good music and swim. The ambience here is really chilled and there is a cute dog (Mowgli) that may just keep you company. There are many spaces to lounge inside and outside. You can also get to walk to the nearby creek. They have nice bandas that you can sleep in too that I wrote about here

​They have good food and themes for each day of the week. (Pizza night is on Friday. You won’t regret going!

2. The Musafir

I hope the Musafir will be at the creek when you visit. They often travel and you can follow those travels on their Facebook page

​You get really good views of the creek and beyond from here, meet lots of nice people onboard and can get to dive into the water right from the top of the Musafir.

​They usually host sundowners from time to time. If you are into photography, the shots you get will be amazing!

3. Bofa Beach

When you want to spend the afternoon alone on the beach, Bofa is the place to go. Even during peak season, not too many people are on the beach. It can actually be all yours if you are lucky

​You can swim in the ocean and buy nice affordable memorabilia from the shops nearby.

2018-01-14 02.37.33 1.jpg


2018-01-14 03.18.27 1.jpg


I can’t wait to go back. Twende Kilifi! 😊​​

Photos of me captured by Sheila Mudimba


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