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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means! Time to get gifts for your loved ones and significant others. Even if you’re a single lady, you can still get a gift for your best friend. (Be sweet because she wiped your tears away during your last breakup!)

I like personalized gifts. Yes, getting me a chicken meal can swoon me over any day but Valentine’s Day gifts should feel way more personal. Here is a brief list of my favourite gift ideas

1. Roses

What would Valentine’s Day be without a beautiful bouquet? I’m allergic to flowers but still love how beautiful they look. As this is a cliché gift for the day of love, spice it up in the presentation. Nice Kenyan places offer classy and pretty flower packaging. You can check out BLOOM by ALA (pics shared below) or Mesmerize Kenya

2. Jewellery

I just adore African jewellery. I have so many beaded chokers and bracelets in bright colours. If the girl you want to get a gift loves Africa jewellry like me, you can get her nice pieces from the curio shop at Hilton Arcade for as low as Ksh 200. (they mostly range from Ksh. 200 – Ksh. 1500)

I got this choker (made it from a headband) for only Ksh. 200

You can also get that lady nice brass designs from Eve Maya Designs at affordable prices

3. Polaroids

Cherished your favourite moments together? Why not show your partner just how much! It is a really cool idea to print out your favourite photos taken together as Polaroids. You can even add them to a frame. picYako can print photos taken by your phone as long as they are good quality.

4. Personalized picture frames

Have a sweet inside joke only the two of you get? Or do you just have a sweet message you would like your loved one to know. Haus of Tata do amazing frames!

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You are my favorite 🖤

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5. Funky cards

Saying ‘I love you’ on a plain white card is boring. Have a sense of humour while you’re at it! These simplistic funny and ‘punny’ cards from Kadi Zetu do it just right.

6.  Weekend getaway

You can also opt to spend time away from the noise of the town. Make sure to get a good Valentine’s Weekend deal from a tour agency this season.

7. Gift package
If your significant other/loved one is not really into any of the above, there are so many gift packages you can get online. I always turn to Purpink. They never disappoint!

Purpink page

Wishing you all the best in finding a gift for your person! ❤️


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