I just realized that I had not written a blog post in 2019 and knew I had to post something. Happy New Year!

I was reminiscing about my trips to Uganda recently and wanted to share what I loved most about the ‘Pearl of Africa’!

1. The people

Ugandans are very friendly. I thought I would look like an outsider when I first arrived. To my surprise, a lot of the motorcycle operators spoke to me in Luganda and Swahili. I fit right in!

2. The boda bodas

Motorcycles are EVERYWHERE in Kampala. I am a member of team ‘nduthi gang’ and love how convenient boda bodas are because traffic can be a nightmare.

My first Safe Boda ride in Kampala

I actually used a boda boda from Kampala – Entebbe to avoid missing my flight once because traffic that Friday was terrible!

3. The views

Kampala is a hilly city. At a vantage position, the views of the hills are amazing!

The view from my balcony

4. Gonja crisps

I didn’t eat a lot of Ugandan food but really enjoyed their snacks. Gonja crisps are in plenty. The banana crisps I ate in Nairobi could not compare to the sweet gonja crisps of Uganda. Try them out on your next trip there. I overate them to my fill!

Despite having to pay for social media (the country has a social media tax) and persevering through the 1 hour trip from the Entebbe Airport to Kampala, I’d be glad to visit the country again. Let me know what places to visit on my next trip if you have been there before.

The Square, Kampala (a co-working space)
An art installation at The Square

My view when I landed

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