Happy new month! It’s been a while and cabin fever is killing me. After missing travel, I started looking back at my old trips from 2019 and 2020 and realized there were quite a number I had forgotten to share on my blog. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing cool places you can visit that I have been to. Let’s start with Watamu!

We went to Watamu with my colleagues for a 3 day team retreat. Houses at Watamu are lovely and there was a great selection to pick from on Airbnb. We went for the option here. The house was great because it had a pool and direct beach access.

There was also a chef who made sure we left the trip a few kilograms heavier.

Chilling with dinner 🙂

I spend most of my time in the pool and on the beach. The beach offers numerous activities like boat rides, snorkeling and a few water sports.

Italian restaurants are at almost every corner. Make sure you try the gelato in at least one of them during your stay.

I’d also highly encourage you to eat at the Crab Shack. The place is always full so be sure to book your spot in advance before walking in. I hadn’t had crabs before going here. Do you know there is something like a crab samosa? It’s on their menu! I’d also recommend you having dinner there so you can watch the sunset. It is beautiful!

I ordered prawns with fries at the Crab Shack

Watamu was great. I’ll be back soon!


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