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Alter Ego Film

I did a short film for the 2018 Smartphone Film Competition organized by Alliance Française Nairobi and made it to the final 24 submissions. Praise Jesus!  The theme was #sheisnambaone

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means! Time to get gifts for your loved ones and significant others. Even if you’re a single lady, you can still get a gift for your best friend. (Be sweet because she wiped your tears away during your last breakup!) Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas”


Taking Stock 1

Sally braids
I got a new wig ya’ll 😎

I have not written a post in what feels like ages. Consistency has been lacking because I have been so busy with my new job and life in general. So I’ve opted to end the year with my first ‘Taking Stock’ post.
Let’s see what I was doing in December 2017, shall we?

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Fashion and Lifestyle 2017 (ticket giveaway)

Event poster

This weekend, Nature & Style Fun Day Events will hold the 2nd edition of Fashion& Lifestyle 2017. Continue reading “Fashion and Lifestyle 2017 (ticket giveaway)”



Happy birthday to me! 24 years on this earth and I still feel like I am so young yet have such little time to do all I want to in this lifetime. I am not a wise 68-year-old yet but there sure are some things I wish I had known sooner than later. In this post I will be writing some tips to my younger self, 24 of them…

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7 Confessions Of An Overthinker


If I could transfer the thoughts in my head at any one given time onto a blank page, it would have lots of glitter, blobs of ink, different wavy lines coloured like the rainbow, black lines across the page and pink stars as a border line. This is what it feels like to be an overthinker. There is usually so much going on in my little head. If my blank page analogy didn’t give you a picture clear enough about how it feels to overthink, here are 7 confessions of what I go through daily. Continue reading “7 Confessions Of An Overthinker”

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Kendra’s Fashion House Collection

Minimalist Mood Board Photo Collage.jpg

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to meet and model for one of the best young designers we have in Kenya today, Nicole of Kendra’s Fashion House. Her designs are minimalist and modern. Being stylishly simple is key ladies! Continue reading “Kendra’s Fashion House Collection”



Look 5 - 3


Dark skin.


These are a few words I would use to describe myself whenever I looked into the mirror. Not only because I was ‘crazy’, but because people’s daunting insults and jokes ingrained these descriptions deeper into my being every time they were uttered. Continue reading “#FLAWED”


Actionable ways to get rid of that bad funk in your life


It’s a new month. Congratulations on making it past the first quarter of the year. I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life these past few months. A whole lot of great things and a whole lot of bad things too. I lost a friend I held dear, got my door slammed in my face for some opportunities I really wanted and felt a roller coaster of emotions simultaneously. Nevertheless, I always manged to find myself bouncing back up through all the ups and downs (thank you Jesus). Here are the 5 things I did that hopefully can help you if you fin yourself in a similar situation:

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