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Bye bye February

The month of love is soon ending. Valentine’s day came and went. Roses were bought that have now withered, gifts were purchased that have now been forgotten, and most importantly, the single people are still breathing. Woop woop! We made it folks.

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What nobody tells you in campus

My campus ‘ngaofwends’

I am finally done with university. Fare thee well 8.4.4 education system! You really tortured me and equally taught me well. I must admit that out of the 16 years in the Kenyan education system, campus’ last four years were the most memorable. I learnt quite a lot along the way. Some of which I will explain below: Continue reading “What nobody tells you in campus”


Not all heroes wear capes (the njugu story)

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Not all heroes wear capes. Yes, superheroes exist out of the Marvel and DC Universe. They do not necessarily wear cool costumes, have an amazing background story or possess x-ray vision. The heroes I am about to mention in this post today have a different kind of strength. A different kind of superpower. The power of self-sacrifice. Let me explain. Continue reading “Not all heroes wear capes (the njugu story)”


Single pringle


I honestly had no idea what a blessing being single for a long time would be. In all honesty, I was quite naive after getting out of my previous relationship and attempting to hop back into the dating scene. I hope that the mistakes and advice I will share in this post can help a young lady out there wondering how to navigate the single pringle life. P.S – I am not Dr. Love Continue reading “Single pringle”


Goodbye oblivion, hello taxes.

This is a special dedication to anybody wondering how time flew by so fast, is under a whole lot of pressure and just downright confused about growing up.


Oh adulthood. I can honestly say I was not ready for this. Looking back at my younger days (I know I make myself sound 85)…but in my younger days, life was way much easier. Is anybody ever ready to grow up? One minute you are crying because somebody lost your favourite pencil and the next you are crying because you just looked at your bank account balance. Continue reading “Goodbye oblivion, hello taxes.”



Salome Ayugi (me) the goof ball being judged by one of my closest friends, Charles

It is only right to baptize the first blog post as ‘first post’ right? I am new to personal blogging so please do not judge.

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