“Alien:Covenant” Review

I rarely watch scary movies. This is because I am an empath i.e highly sensitive and finely tuned when it comes to emotions. Jump scare scenes can give me a heart attack but I am trying to be a new person so I gave the sci-fi horror movie ‘Alien: Covenant’ a try. (Big thanks to Anga IMAX and Brew Bistro for hosting the early pre-screening of Alien:Covenant and providing an opportunity for me to man up to my fears)
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Nairobi Burger Festival 2017

The Nairobi Burger Festival is back this year and is soon ending as it started on 8th May and ends on 14th May (tomorrow guys!) My best friend and I went to try out the burgers at Urban Gourmet.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – Review

Photo courtesy: Marvel Studios

Now, this is a movie I was really looking forward to. The first movie three years ago was absolutely hilarious. When the amazing team from IMAX Kenya and ANGA Sky cinemas invited me for the exclusive premiere, how could I say no? I had to watch the Marvel superhero reunion in 3D as soon as possible. Continue reading “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – Review”

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The Distant Relatives Experience (Day two)

Bofa Beach, Kilifi

I enjoyed my second day in Kilifi the most. Having made friends with other people staying at the eco-lodge, we decided to do a lot of activities together that Saturday. I knew it would be a long day so I ensured I had a heavy healthy breakfast to give the start of the day a good kick. Continue reading “The Distant Relatives Experience (Day two)”

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The Distant Relatives Experience (Day one)

Soaking up Kilifi sunshine

Have you ever felt like you are showering in the Amazon forest? Have you at least brushed your teeth in your cottage bathroom as a monkey stares at you? Still no? Well, have you at least had a baby hedgehog look at you as you sip on ‘dawas’ beside the pool? Still a no? Then what have you experienced? Head on over to Distant Relatives in Kilifi!

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Bye bye February

The month of love is soon ending. Valentine’s day came and went. Roses were bought that have now withered, gifts were purchased that have now been forgotten, and most importantly, the single people are still breathing. Woop woop! We made it folks.

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Nairobi Restaurant Week – OhCha Noodle Bar (Part 2)

When you get the opportunity to eat great food at a discount, TAKE IT! The second restaurant I went to during the 2017 Nairobi Restaurant Week that ended a while back was Ohcha Noodle Bar at Westgate Shopping Mall in Westlands. Continue reading “Nairobi Restaurant Week – OhCha Noodle Bar (Part 2)”

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Nairobi Restaurant Week – The Steak Out (Part 1)

FOOD! Oh goodness, this truly is the way to any person’s heart. I was elated to finally be in Nairobi during the annual Nairobi Restaurant Week organized by Eat Out Kenya Studying in a different town for four years really made me miss out on things. Continue reading “Nairobi Restaurant Week – The Steak Out (Part 1)”


Review: Psycho 60 Escape Room Games in Nairobi


12744512_952289924837871_6592577061642295373_n-2By Vincent Libosso, Guest Contributor

Vincent Libosso is the Acting ‘Ninja’ Editor at What’s Good Networks, part time foodie, a keen events reporter , the entertainment kahuna and an expert at all things cool |Read more |

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Finally, Nairobi now boasts of a facility where you can be locked in a room with the objective of escaping by means of solving clues and opening locks. Welcome to Psycho 60! Continue reading “Review: Psycho 60 Escape Room Games in Nairobi”

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Kilifi New Year 2016/2017

Photo by Rinus Hartsuijker

Happy new year! I am 12 days late but it is only because I was still recovering from the nostalgia of the BEST festival ever. Continue reading “Kilifi New Year 2016/2017”