Taking Stock 1

Sally braids
I got a new wig ya’ll 😎

I have not written a post in what feels like ages. Consistency has been lacking because I have been so busy with my new job and life in general. So I’ve opted to end the year with my first ‘Taking Stock’ post.
Let’s see what I was doing in December 2017, shall we?

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Look 5 - 3


Dark skin.


These are a few words I would use to describe myself whenever I looked into the mirror. Not only because I was ‘crazy’, but because people’s daunting insults and jokes ingrained these descriptions deeper into my being every time they were uttered. Continue reading “#FLAWED”


#FLAWED – Teaser video

Hey! I worked on a really cool and personal project this past week with the talented photographer Nicole of I will be releasing the pictures soon but I had to upload the behind the scenes video just to give the whole project a background. Enjoy!

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Single pringle


I honestly had no idea what a blessing being single for a long time would be. In all honesty, I was quite naive after getting out of my previous relationship and attempting to hop back into the dating scene. I hope that the mistakes and advice I will share in this post can help a young lady out there wondering how to navigate the single pringle life. P.S – I am not Dr. Love Continue reading “Single pringle”



Salome Ayugi (me) the goof ball being judged by one of my closest friends, Charles

It is only right to baptize the first blog post as ‘first post’ right? I am new to personal blogging so please do not judge.

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