Get To Know Me Challenge – Collab

An awesome vlogger called Robert Muigai and I got to answer a whole lot of weird questions. Find out more by pressing play. Enjoy!

*And check out his YouTube channel here. He is hilarious!


#FLAWED – Teaser video

Hey! I worked on a really cool and personal project this past week with the talented photographer Nicole of I will be releasing the pictures soon but I had to upload the behind the scenes video just to give the whole project a background. Enjoy!

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Kilifi vlog (Video)

Vlog Title YouTube Thumbnail.png

The video is up! I hope my phone does the beautiful land of Kilifi justice in showing you how pretty it is. Forgive the shakiness in the video. It was my first vlog and I did not have a stabilizer. Enjoy! Continue reading “Kilifi vlog (Video)”