Review: Psycho 60 Escape Room Games in Nairobi


12744512_952289924837871_6592577061642295373_n-2By Vincent Libosso, Guest Contributor

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Finally, Nairobi now boasts of a facility where you can be locked in a room with the objective of escaping by means of solving clues and opening locks. Welcome to Psycho 60!

“Of games the most mysterious, the least earthbound, the one wherein the wall between us and the supernatural is rubbed thinnest”. John Updike, Author and Poet.

I love my city Nairobi. Every week am always on the hunt for what is new and popping and yes, I stumbled on something that might be of interest to you, and your date this coming Valentine’s day if you both are lovers of thrill and adventure.

Over the years, for many, past time has always been spent on games. The older generation would sit outside their huts and play board games. The new generation is virtual reality craze. You will find them on the new series of Call Of Duty or even Tekken.

Well a few week ago, I tried a more hands on and tactile game, the room-escape game at Psycho 60 Nairobi. You are locked in a room, and your objective is to escape. What the room looks like and how you’re meant to escape it are the variables that make the game so appealing.

Psycho 60 Escape Room Nairobi is an interactive, real life and immersive escape room adventure designed for a small group of people who must work together as a team to solve challenging puzzles, crack codes, decode messages, find hidden items, while using keen observation and critical thinking to escape the room before time runs out! Creativity and Resourcefulness are one of your keys to freedom. There is only one mission: ESCAPE!


The first room I played was Haunted. The host who received me and my colleague at the reception cares to explain: You walk into this house searching for a property to buy. The agent gives you a history of this house (she was nice with details) which belonged to a young couple, the Muirages, who had 2 little children. After a few years of living here the neighbors noticed the house was falling apart and no one seemed to be occupying this house, so the property was put on the market after a failure to contact the owners for delinquent property tax.

As the tour goes on you enter the kitchen and the door shuts behind you! The agent didn’t have enough time to tell you the house is haunted! You have one hour to find the family amulet that will protect you from the dark spirits in this house and the key to your escape! Pay attention!

Like nearly every room escape, it begins with a rather exhaustive account of the house rules. You should not light your phone. You should go toward the barrier end. And then your welcoming guide/host, jokes how the locks are easy to unlock, laughs and politely leaves, sealing the door behind you and setting the timer to 60 minutes, and the game begins.

The room is quite dark and the background music is creepy. On one end, lies a white sheet that is illuminated virtually with ghosts. That scared the hell out of me. Slowly we begin to peel off the puzzles and wander.

There are locks. So many locks: padlocks, numerical locks, alphabetical locks, you name it. Each puzzle unlocked leads to another.

Whats Good Live Joskey and Vincent at Psycho60 Escape Rooms

The games we enjoy now are mostly virtual, but room-escape games are about physicality. You must pit your wits to escape. Unlike virtual reality, you soon find that many of the pleasures are tactile. You’ll drag your hand inside a slimy bowl beneath the draws and come across spiders (not real) and voila, – a secret key to a safe!

You beat the 60 minutes and guess what you don’t pay the 800 bob per person on weekdays or the 1000 bob on weekends charge at Psycho60.

About The Other Rooms


You have come to visit your friend, Nanjo, a patient at the hospital. As soon as you walk into the room, you notice blood trail leading to bathroom. You ask if she is in the bathroom and… silence! Shortly after a message comes through the speaker ‘This hospital has been quarantined, all rooms to remain shut. If a patient’s room has blood, the patient is infected and dangerous’. It is your mission to leave this room before Nanjo makes it out of the bathroom. Mind the blood!


Its 5pm, you and your coworkers are about to lock up the bank so you can head home after a long day. As you turn after locking up the vault door you are faced by a gun pointing right between your eyes! 3 gunned men are inside the security boundaries of the bank and have taken you and your coworkers hostage. The man in front of you tells you to open the vault and get inside together with your co-workers. They tie all of you and walk out the door slamming the vault shut. You then hear gun shots, then a chocking voice behind the walls saying “…Find the emergency phone that automatically calls the police or you shall all die”. You have got 1hr to get to the emergency phone. Listening is a good idea!

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