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Bye bye February

The month of love is soon ending. Valentine’s day came and went. Roses were bought that have now withered, gifts were purchased that have now been forgotten, and most importantly, the single people are still breathing. Woop woop! We made it folks.

I do not want to sound like a bitter single but the Valentine’s day deals were getting really obnoxious. ‘Dinner for you and your lover at discount prices’ on one corner. ‘Get your girlfriend this jewellery set at a great deal’ on the other corner. What about the single people? Has anybody ever thought of rewarding single people gateways and dinners for surviving in this world full of couples? What if my sister, mother or teddy bear is my valentine? Don’t we deserve love?

Well, this year’s Valentine’s day showed me that friendships should be celebrated in the month of love too. I was privileged to win a dinner for two and tickets to the movie ’50 Shades Darker’ at Panari Hotel courtesy of Tic Tac Kenya. I took my good friend Sheila as we are both single too.

Sheila and I enjoying selfie time

There were so many couples at the place but that didn’t faze us. It actually felt good when the cinema attendant expressed his surprise that we are both single and celebrating together. *sings Miss Independent in Neyo’s voice*

The dinner was fairly good. We had mashed potatoes, breaded fish with turtle sauce, steamed vegetable salad and greek feta salad. The chardonnay was the highlight of my night. It was just SO good. It took me to a very happy place.


We only watched 20 minutes of the movie because we got there late. Spoiler alert: Do NOT bother watching this movie (especially if you have read the books) The acting was so cheesy. I was giggling all through.

As the month of love ends, remember that you can still treat your significant other, father or friend to a fancy dinner or to a gift on a random Thursday evening. Show love all year round. That is how it should be.

Happy end month!


2 thoughts on “Bye bye February

  1. Happy New Month Sally, and its my birthday month too….hope i’ll be shown some love from this blog too on my dday lol!


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