Taking Stock 1

Sally braids
I got a new wig ya’ll 😎

I have not written a post in what feels like ages. Consistency has been lacking because I have been so busy with my new job and life in general. So I’ve opted to end the year with my first ‘Taking Stock’ post.
Let’s see what I was doing in December 2017, shall we?

Making: memories with my family (including some I had not seen in over a decade!)

Cooking: too much food over the holidays. The fridge is overflowing with containers of almost everything on planet earth.

Drinking: lots of soda and regretting it. My skin has started to show the effects of the ‘junk overindulgence season’ known as December.

Reading: ‘We’re Going to Need More Wine’ by Gabrielle Union

Looking: forward to all the greatness 2018 has to offer

Playing: with my cousin’s clingy baby became the norm

Wasting: time on oversleeping

Wishing: I could teleport to ‘my person’ whenever I so pleased

Enjoying: baking cakes!

Waiting: to know when ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 3) comes out

Liking: zero traffic on the roads

Wondering: how some people have such flat stomachs without exercise (unfair!)

Hoping: to actually stick to fitness and healthy eating

Loving: that 2018 is almost here

Needing: cake and junk that won’t make me fat

Smelling: my mum making breakfast

Wearing: my pajamas as I type this from bed

Following: Westworld because I just started watching it two days ago

Noticing: it is 361 days to Christmas

Knowing: I should be packing for my trip to Kilifi tonight in the next hour

Thinking: about looking at the ocean

Feeling: excited about my trip to the Coast tonight!

Happy holidays!!



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